Well, Lets get started


Thank you for reading my blog!  (if anyone really is)

My first “real” entry, I thought I would introduce myself a little bit, and mention the madness behind this blogging.

I’ve really always wanted to blog, I actually always wanted to enter journalism school, before I opted to move to Calgary and take sports business.  I often reflect on what would have been, had I gone the other route.  One thing is fore sure, as always was the case in school amongst my writings.  I am terrible with my mechanics!  But, I assure you my content will make up for any frustration my readings cause you.  My english teachers, (my lovely mother included) used to get so mad at me because I could write a nobel prize (not really) but I didn’t know where that damn semi colon went;  still dont.

Anyway, Enough.  My name is Blair Courchene.  I am a recent graduate of mount royal university.  I am a hockey fan.  A hockey coach. I love the game. I love sports.  I am dating a beautiful woman, so that I hope one day I have the pleasure of wedding. We share an amazing dog together, Kona. He’s beyond the best. So don’t tell me your dog rules.

My family, is crucial to me.  There is no one in the world that inspires me more.  Despite my fascination for Sidney Crosby.  My mom is role model, she is my best friend. I admire her, her strength, resiliency.  She is the only person, that I can truly talk too, and trust.  She has been through more, and overcame more than anyone deserves, and she continues to come out stronger and stronger each time.

My Dad, is just an absolute beautician. Wow.  Guys a legend, I too, admire his strength. Anyone that rode bulls. You have to hand it to them.

I have a pair of younger brothers, Kyle & Brody.  Kyle is a U of A science student, and an aspiring doctor.  Wait, No.  A doctor in the making.  Smartest guy I know.  He too, I admire tremendously for his strength and dedication.  He is an awesome kid.  Despite, his wretched taste in music, and having the “sherwood park attitude”

Brody, is the youngest of my Bro’s at 13.  Him and I are totally different, but I think its the best that way.  He has taught me so much about things I had zero clue about.  Hunting, Fishing… You know, Man stuff.  He is a hilarious kid, that too is real smart. What happened to me. He also, believe or not. Has been through more than any 13 year old needs to have gone through. Let alone a 63 year old.

My sister, unfortunately, a few years back lost her long battle with mental illness.  She is the motivation behind many of the things I try and accomplish. I miss her like you wouldn’t believe. And, I try and live each and every day for her with a smile on my face, and laugh as many times as I can because I knew that it wasn’t that easy for her.

Anywho. Moving on. That is a brief introduction of my family, and myself.  And more that I am generally comfortable saying. Which, in saying that.  Is becoming a partial motivator for this blog.  I want to talk. And, I will do so. I want to talk about mental illness, the struggles that I go through everyday waging that war, the struggles I have seen my family go through.  It has not been easy.  But, I try my damnedest to decimate the stigma of mental health.  But, I am one of the worst contributors to that stigma.  So, I have made a promise to myself after doing some self-realization, that – I am going to talk about it. And, I am going to talk about here, facebook, twitter, in daily conversation.  And, I’m sorry if you are offended by that.  But, if you are. Fuck you. You are the biggest problem to society, and this issue.

Thats enough for now!

As you can see. I get going, and talk about 10 things at once.  ADD? No way!

-Take Care

2 thoughts on “Well, Lets get started

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