Welcome to goneawayboys Blog!


I have set up this blog months ago, amidst the madness of my job hunting; post-post secondary.  Of course, I was too involved with PGA Tiger Woods 13, and NHL 12 too do either job hunt, or blog.

But, As I begin to approach a new “pro-active” lifestyle.  Here, I am.  Welcoming you to my blog.  And, by welcoming you.  That would mean that someone is following me.  And, for that I am very grateful.  You will not regret it!

4daboys blog, is a terrible name.  And, one that I will look to change.  However, I will bless you with a brief introduction to this blog, what it will mostly encompass, and things of the like.  Blog things!

Well, as a recent graduate student, and an extremely opinionated indiividual, I’d like to think this blog will serve as both comedic to you, thought-provoking, and at times maybe even therapeutic.

I say that, because, I have more wit that I do beer belly. I am very opinionated, and I am a strong advocate for mental illness, and plan to blog about everything from Taylor Halls absurd, reckless style of play to the struggles faced upstairs.

Thanks for following, I will follow back!

-Take Care


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