Happy Anniversary!


Today marks 1 year since the single best day of my entire damn life. Even though 365 days have past since reading our vows, and saying our “I Do’s”… I still find myself reminiscing just how perfect this day really was.  Often I catch myself giggling in almost disbelief at how perfect our day really was. I played in my mind what I thought the day would look like, how I thought it would go.  I envisioned it was going to be a great day. But, I never ever could have dreamed it was going to be as perfect as July 25, 2015 really was.

Amanda, Thank you for being my best friend, my wife, my rock. Thank you for making me laugh, and smile even when I myself can’t find the strength, you seem to find it for me. Thank you for being the glue of our little family.  Keeping us all intact, and functioning.  Without you the inmates would certainly be running the asylum.

Though we’ve been together for much longer than our one-year wedding anniversary.  I still can feel our bond growing stronger than ever.  We laugh as much as we’ve ever laughed.  We smile as much as we’ve ever smiled. We hold each other as much as we ever have.  We stay as close to each other as much as we ever have.  We have as much fun as we’v ever had.  It’s like that honeymoon phase they tell you about… it never really went away for us. The pride I feel in being able to call you my wife is truly immeasurable.   I still find myself waking up every day with an overwhelming wave of joy when I see you beside me.

Even after being together for thirteen years, and married for one.

I can honestly say I am falling more and more in love with you, each and every day.  

You said yes, I said thank you.

From that moment, twelve years ago… I knew I had found the love of my life.


I give to you my heart, and my hand forever as we continue to share this journey of life arm in arm.

I promise to love and respect you unconditionally, and to never leave your side no matter the triumphs, or tragedies that try to stop us along the way.

Your beauty, your strength, and your grace will be our navigator, and I will continue to admire your smile every single day.


I am the luckiest man in the world to call you my best friend, my anchor, and now my beautiful wife.

Happy Anniversary, I love you!